I only know it when I'm dreaming (soundnfury) wrote,
I only know it when I'm dreaming

add 1 to the tens digit and subtract 1 from the ones

Apparently, if you have a wild moose problem, the best solution is to use a mix of powdered bobcat and coyote urine. Wolf urine is more effective, but coyote urine is just cheaper and easier to get. This was explained to me by a man who sells the powdered urine of various predators online.

My co-worker and I sit on a roof,
Seeing how far we can toss dead oranges. (they are brown like the dirt)
We are discussing job security, and wether or not we have it.
The world is flat.
The sky is orange. (like the oranges when they were alive)
On the clock.
Getting paid.
Bored out of my fucking gourd. (.....)
I need a new job.

I sit around spewing forth complaintative bullshit about how I cant think of any great income-generating ideas, and heres this guy selling animal piss, of all fucking things. I should be ashamed of myself.
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