I only know it when I'm dreaming (soundnfury) wrote,
I only know it when I'm dreaming

"God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven"

You know whats awesome
When you listen to music so loud
it makes your eyeballs shake
and you imagine lightning storms in your head
Yeah, I dont have headphones like that anymore
I dont go to shows like that anymore
But I remember the way sound would tear through the skull
like a pack of wild horses
bodies transitory
like exploding plate glass
If ever you were standing next to a store-front and the window broke,
you'd know what I mean- plate glass explodes,
it's like you can hear every fragment
disconnecting itself from the rest and whistling through the air
Someone told me it had something to do
with pressurized glass-making techniques
every time I'm around plate glass
I find myself wishing it would explode
and bring me back to darkened rooms
crushed with screaming,
music-worshipping bodies
dying to get out of their skins
for five minutes and fifty five seconds at a time

I'm bored with the music I have these days

I usually just turn what music I have up even louder
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