I only know it when I'm dreaming (soundnfury) wrote,
I only know it when I'm dreaming

hydrogen makes the fat go solid at room temperature.

Hydrogenated means that the polypeptide chain is saturated with hydrogen.
ie-saturated fat cooking oil is the crisco.
non-saturated is the wesson that comes in liquid form.
I dont think wesson(oil) keeps any longer than crisco (lard) or visa versa.

I keep falling asleep too fuckin early and easily.
Been exhausted the last week, but irregardless,
I'm feeling like a damned narcoleptic.
This has been the most boring April ever.
Feel like the bloods freezing in my veins.
Obssesive research into different kinds of fat this week.
Getting restless.
Dreams too loud.
Mother of Christ.
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