I only know it when I'm dreaming (soundnfury) wrote,
I only know it when I'm dreaming

this world at its best/is just a prelude to the next

From the passenger seat
I could see the green needle of the speedometer
lost in the blank space
to the right of 120
the sound of the engine drowning out the noise of the radio,
as if to say,
I am an engine
You are a radio
Fuck You
She whoops, and I find I am whooping too,
and we go faster, and the engine gets louder
burning carbon off the engine
burning carbon off the tired lungs
of two tired people
tired of....
flashing lights ahead,
and her foot easees off the gas,
and the speed drops,
and the pulses drop,
and the spirits drop,
and again we are just driving
some crap on the radio
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