I only know it when I'm dreaming (soundnfury) wrote,
I only know it when I'm dreaming

It is not a Justice System It is just a system.

I feel
much better
than I have in a while
I finished a stack of books
I'm trying to get work down to part time
I dont think they are going to let me
This fucking city
is an incubator of apathy
I did, however, quell this burning need
to get a ridiculous mobile phone
it is fuckin awesome
sony k750i
I am asian
Yes I ran a liquor store once

"Social theorists have resisted strongly the recognition that social deviance is not merely a reaction against something negative in a persons background, but a reaching for exquisite possibilities. Researchers like to point out the popular error of considering as essentially deviant, those people who, whatever their crime or infraction, overtly commit criminal acts only during rare moments of their lives. But deviant persons also appreciate the economy of doing evil for characterizing the self generally: it is literally wonderful. Through the defiance of law, a person may portray his or her general, if usually hidden charismatic potential." -Jack Katz, Seductions of Crime

a lot
misplaced faith
in the
righteousness of law
If its established, it must be good
I dont want any trouble!
just hurry up and buy
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